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The Attractions of SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando, a marine adventure park, is well-known for its thrilling rides, world-class shows, and encounters with animals. Thousands of visitors love exploring the deep sea to have the closest contact with some marine species. Some of the new attractions are “Kraken” and “Journey to Atlantis” wherein whales, sea lions, dolphins, killer whales, stingrays among others form part of what you may see in the depths of the sea.

To get there, you do not have to worry about driving long distances because it is at 15 minutes from Orlando International Airport, and it is open year-round at 9 am with extra hours in holidays and summer. In addition, you are allowed to observe the shows and attractions.

For parking your car, there are a lot of spaces available for a reasonable amount of money. Likewise, there are some preferences for clients such as preferred parking, free parking, and lower rates for preferred parking, according to the type of member that you are. In accordance with the age of the person, the prices vary, and they are different from the ones for disabled persons and senior citizens, and available discounts for members. Besides, SeaWorld Orlando is also characterized by varied restaurants offering full-service to cafeteria-style, so that there is no excuse not to savor delicious dishes.

SeaWorld is the perfect setting for celebrating special events or spending a great time with your family. No matter what the purpose of your trip is, SeaWorld Orlando has something for everybody.

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