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To Rescue Our Nature

Nowadays, there are many endangered species in our forests due to deforestation and pollution, consequently, the lack of animals and plants around the world is a serious problem altering the normal course of human life and causing terrible consequences to our ecosystem. The need of preserving flora and fauna is a major priority, thus now more and more zoos are created with the purpose of protecting those animals and providing them with the best conditions.

Due to this situation, zoos and parks specialize in taking care of defenseless creatures and showing them to public to make them aware of their importance to keep ecology.

Jacksonville, is a good example of this because it offers a variety of attractions and recreational opportunities, specially for the family. The area designed for animals and plants is the Jacksonville Zoological Gardens. This place also has financial, industrial, and commercial centers, thus a waterfront offers access to boat cruises, riverfront boardwalks, offshore fishing, and fish camps. Those who love practicing golf and football may do it. Other interesting sites of this port are a waterfront marketplace with exclusive restaurants and shops, an amusement park, local museums, the beach, and historical centers.

Jacksonville is more than a developed city because of its efforts to lengthen the life of many species. When visiting Jacksonville Zoological Gardens, you will find 2000 types of animals and 1500 plants. By having a close relationship or contact with human beings, animals are able to receive love and caring. The treatment for animals contributes to receive good or bad behaviors and reactions in certain situations. That is why, the main aim of this zoo is to promote interactions among people, wildlife and environment, so that many will not think of species as something apart from our atmosphere, and therefore, persons will not be afraid of touching them. Do not forget that flora and fauna plays a significant role in our biodiversity to pass by Jacksonville in Florida and learn more about nature.

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