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Titanic: An Unforgettable Experience

Would you like to take a close look at one of the most extraordinary and wonderful ships ever built? The amazing and magical impact that The Titanic has caused around the world is countless. Thousands of people are interested in figuring out the reasons of its sinking, its expensive and elegant items if it was a powerful and indestructible ship.

Now, you have the opportunity to visit "Titanic the Exhibition"  in Orlando, Florida. Visitors' attention is specially captured because of its technology, precise recreations of the actual rooms from the ship, complete scenic environments, and live interpretations by storytellers of remarkable sounds, sights, and emotions of nostalgic stories by that time.

For the first time, the unique and valuable collection of historic Titanic artifacts is on public display. For example, a costume worn by Leonardo DiCaprio during the latest Titanic film can be seen. Indeed, the setting of The Titanic serves to recreate the drama of those who stayed aboard and marvel at its magnificent building, as for instance, her world-famous Grand Staircase.

Titanic ~ The Exhibition may the scenery for your next activity with over 250 artifacts on display. Likewise, historians and actors will be very glad interacting with persons and offering tours. In fact, this place has room for around 200 persons who may be guests of special celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events, or banquets full of luxury and history.

Taking place at the Mercado Meditarranean Village in Orlando's popular shopping Center and Fine Eatery on International Drive, this exhibition is available everyday from early in the morning till late at night, and the rates are established for children and adults. Also, remember to buy your tickets in advance.
Let yourself immerse into the Ship of Dreams and live the best experience of your entire life close to the sea.

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