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A Theater in Danger

Throughout time, the Tampa Theater has been known as one of the America’s sophisticated movie palaces, and it is today a famous landmark. Due to its Mediterranean style, the audience could immerse into a fantastic world for around two hours. For the first time, people had the opportunity to see entertainment of excellent quality and have the privilege of being treated like royalty.

Little by little, Tampa became part of many persons’ life, thus being the main setting not only for seeing movies but also for giving kisses. However, all this belongs to the past because many urban movies palaces were demolished due to several problems, and nobody thought about their importance for the culture.

Indeed, this theater was closed, but it reopened to incorporate into its program special events, concerts, and films. In this way, Tampa Theater is a good example of saving a valuable place that can be used for lots of activities and events in the United States. In general, all people should value theaters because they have a great cultural heritage to humans. The success of theaters depends mainly on the community support and government economic contribution to preserve them. As Tampa Theater, there should be more theaters open to offer varied services to the public.

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