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Learning through Animals

The fascination toward animals that many people may feel has no limits. For this reason, visiting Parrot Jungle Island is the best destination to be in contact with them and the natural surroundings.  It is located between Miami and South Beach Parrot Jungle, and it is open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm.

In contrast to other places, Parrot Jungle Island permits visitors to feed fish, birds, and flamingos. It is also possible to interact with animals and their trainers while they strolling the park. Bring a camera to take pictures with some of the most exotic and strange animals is primordial.

There are also different stores to purchase some artifacts from Mother Nature, fun toys, games, clothing for kids, video and skill games for all ages. While observing the colorful flock of flamingoes, you may eat delicious recipes at the restaurant which offers indoor and outdoor seating. Remember that this park constantly organizes show and events for easter week, for instance, so that you cannot miss the oppotunity to participate of its activities. To know about such shows, you should ask in advance to make a reservation. Although there are jungle tour packages, you should verify the different prices and discounts available for tourists according to age and number of persons. Thus, children under 3 years old do not pay, and people with disabilities have reserved areas. Another advantage of this park is that visitors may become an annual pass member having certain privileges. Parrot Jungle Island is an educational way to learn about our animals that are part of our ecosystem.

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