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America's Vacation Center: Security Based on Experience

Located in San Diego, California, America's Vacation Center is a subsidiary of Full Service Travel Inc., one of the largest travel agencies in the United States. Founded in 1964, America's Vacation Center is the largest American Express Travel Representative in California. Since the date of its foundation, American Vacation Center has served more than one million customers who have affirmed they are quite satisfied with the service received.

The key of America's Vacation Center's success is the fact they use the bulk buying power of the largest travel agency in the world, which allows AVC to offer amazingly low prices to their customers. The excellence of its service has been demonstrated with several recognitions and awards from related institutions. The most recent one is the induction into the American Express World Wide Travel Hall of Fame, thanks to the excellence, experience and expertise of the service they bring plus a long term commitment to their customers.

A big detail that differentiates them from the rest of internet travel companies is the fact that they keep on assisting you while you are on your trip; their attention does not end with the beginning of your trip. In this way, they will assure you that in case an unexpected event takes place, you will have immediate help. So, if you are planning to travel, contact America's Vacation Center as soon as possible and get ready for the trip of your dreams.

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