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Boca Raton Travel and Cruises: Your Best Option Within South Florida

Fifty years ago, the Boca Raton Travel Agency was founded. In 1989, what started as a small company became Boca Raton Travel and Cruises. Ever since, it has evolved into the greatest travel organization in South Florida and one of the most important travel agencies in the United States.

Recognized with several international travel industry awards and numerous recognitions, Boca Raton Travel and Cruises has assured its position within the travel industry. The most important vendors of the tourist industry, such as Radisson Seven Seas, Seabourn, GoGo Tours, Princess Cruises and Holland America have confirmed Boca Raton Travel and Cruises has perform an amazing role on its functions.

Boca Raton Travel and Cruises' reputation is well held by the quality of the personnel behind it. The president of the company, Giuliano Lorenzani, is a Certified Travel Consultant who has been in this business for more than 36 years. His participation within Boca Raton Travel Agency has been indispensable for the development of individual and group travel packages but always maintaining the top quality of the services of the company.

The company guarantees its clients they will enjoy first class accomodations, organized and pleasant trip itineraries, low airfares and discounts in every service they request. So, if you are planning to travel, keep in mind that by contacting Boca Raton Travel and Cruises you will be contacting the number one travel agency in the industry.


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