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GOGO Tours: Where Experience Equals Excellence

Fifty years ago, Gilbert Haroche and Fred Kassner founded a small operation company under the name of GOGO Tours. In the beginning, GOGO Tours was focused on the area of Miami and the Catskills resort area of New York. With innovative concepts such as the Vacation Packages, GOGO Tours revolutionized the industry of tourism and soon consolidated itself as a leading force in providing its customers with incredible prices and personalized, friendly and professional service.

Throughout the years, GOGO Tours has been able to accomplish the incredible number of 400 destinations in 5 continents, still keeping their promise of low-priced packages, first class services and no worries for you. GOGO Tours is the number one provider and seller of vacation packages within the United States. Statistics mention that about one million people traveled each year thanks to GOGO Tours and the most important is they have been satisfied with the attention received.

The quality  of GOGO Tours services is demonstrated by the fact they had received several ASTA Agency Management Awards. Furthermore, they are active members of the United States Tour Operators Associations and are also the top producer to the Hyatt, Sandals, Superclubs and Ritz-Carlton resorts. GOGO Tours excellent services are supported by more than 50 years of experience, with an incredible financial stability and dependability.

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