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Not A Monkee's Uncle

February 28, 2005 (Palm Bay, FL) - "He may not be the uncle, but he is the son of the Monkee's Michael "Wool-Hat" Nesmith," said Marty Piatkowski, owner of West Coast Promo Man. Jason Nesmith, Los Angeles, California, does not appear to be one to gain attention from his famous dad, but is making strides to be a great artist in his own right. Although he has played with other bands, Jason has recently completed his second full length solo album. It is called "Portrait" and will be released on Fundamental Records in April, 2006. "As far as I can tell," Piakowski added, "our streaming webcast is the only avenue where listeners can hear all of Jason Nesmith's songs on this CD in their entirety ...and yes, his grandmother invented Liquid Paper."

West Coast Promo Man has seen a sharp increase in the number of new artists added to its playlist in the recent month. "Almost half of the 13 new artist came to us via Fundamental Recording Company," explained Piatkowski. "We finally met a recording company that has recognized the value on the Internet services we provide." Besides Jason Nesmith's music, Fundamental Records has submitted albums for airplay from Workhorses of the Entertainment/Recreational Industry from Athens, Georgia; David Wolfenberger from Cincinnati, Ohio; Ken Will Morton from Athens, Georgia; Busted Hearts from Phoenix, Arizona; and Love Tractor also from Athens, Georgia. All tracks from all of their albums are heard on the streaming webcast.

Although February is a short month, other artists recently added, and well worth listening to, include Jacques Grant & Rewired from Austin, Texas; David Michaels from Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania; guitarist extraordiaire Missippy James from Tallahassee, Florida; Cheem from Los Angeles, California; Blanche from Detroit, Michigan; and The Matt Sams Band from Cocoa, Florida. "We weren't the only busy people," add Piatkowski, "Brandon Michelle Visalia, California, who is soon to go on the road to Las Vegas, added 8 more of her fantastic songs to our playlist."

Piatkowski explained that the West Coast Promo Man web site offers a new service that caters to both "famous musicians who are yet to be discovered" so that they can attain more air play, and people who wish to enjoy a wide variety of music as they surf the Internet or work on their computers. The bonus is that this service is free for both the musicians and the listeners.

"By utilizing the power of peer to peer streaming Internet radio, we can effectively provide a service that gives any local musician all of the air play that they want at zero cost," added Piatkowski.

West Coast Promo Man broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By downloading and installing a small (350k) program called Streamer on a Windows based computer, anyone can surf the Internet while listening to commercial free music without the fear of spyware, pop ups, signing up for anything, or being asked for money.

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