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Home Workers in Houston and Los Angeles

BioPerformance has two major presentations in Houston and Los Angeles slated for March 2006.

People who are looking for a home business opportunity in the Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California areas will have the chance to attend a presentation about a new company called BioPerformance.  Bruce Goldwell, author of “The Door to Super Achievement”, is himself an independent distributor and Area Manager with BioPerformance and has several people he has sponsored into the company attending these events.  Those who have attended presentations such as those coming up in Houston and Los Angeles, have experienced swift growth in their business from the number of people that enroll to become distributors that they take with them to attend the events.

Goldwell suggest that anyone who wishes to attend one of these opportunity presentations should first enroll in the business then take others they would like to share the business with to the meeting with them.  The company web site explains the company, the product they currently offer, the opportunity and other pertinent information. The presentations that are offered at these large events gives those who already registered an opportunity to bring others with them that they want to see build a successful home income along with them.  Goldwell believes success is much sweeter when shared with others.

The following are Managers and Area Managers in the areas specified that people can enroll in the BioPerformance with who are qualified sponsors that can help others build a lucrative home business.  Before attending the larger presentations that will be available not only in Houston and Los Angeles but in other parts of the USA as well, those wishing to start a business with BioPerformance should first be enrolled and receive the needed coaching that can help them be most successful.  When one attends either the Houston or Los Angeles events, or any one of numerous others that will be scheduled all over the USA, they should take several friends with them and have those friends take others as well which will cause explosive growth in their business.

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