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Psychic Healer, Author Gordon Banta to Appear at The Doggie Door

GORDON BANTA, a popular radio and television psychic and healer, announces he will be appearing at The Doggie Door, on Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 10:00am. He will be doing animal readings and also signing copies of his books Creative Dreams, Magic of Meditation and Eye of Light and Magic, published by The Mandala Press.

Banta grew up in a large family in West Milford, New Jersey. As a child, he experienced numerous strange visions and feelings- and he eventually realized his visions oftentimes predicted the future. As he grew older, he began an in-depth study of Metaphysics and Psychic Phenomenon- and read every book he could find on the subjects.

In 1974, he sold his transportation business and moved to Deland, Florida which was next to a small Spiritualist community known as Cassadaga. It was there that he began devoting himself entirely to his studies and after two years, became a certified medium and eventually a Spiritualist Minister. His mission evolved into teaching and helping people understand the mysteries and powers of the inner mind- and he believes everyone has the power to develop their own physic abilities.

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Gordon Banta’s career includes numerous radio and television appearances, such as “The Gordon Banta Show,” a local production that aired on TKR in Warrenton, NJ. He also produced, directed and hosted “Vision Quest Show,” which aired in Nutley, NJ. He also appeared for four years on “Psychic Wednesdays,” on 102 JHMS, which aired in Orlando, FL.

Banta is a highly sought after guest speaker and has appeared at numerous venues, including the V.F,W.,  Rotary Club, Lions Club, Elks and Mason Lodges- and also many colleges such as Farleigh Dickenson, Rutgers, Florida Tech, Florida University, Rollins College and Colorado State.

His best-selling books cover a variety of topics and feature the lively artwork of award-winning book cover artist, Donette Smock.

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