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MOVO Mobile, LLC and TranSend Ed, Inc. Announce New Partnership

Sarasota, FL – March 2006 - Movo Mobile LLC, a leading mobile marketing software company and TranSend Ed, Inc, today announced their new partnership focused on providing mobile marketing solutions to colleges and universities. Using MOVO’s hosted mobile application, TranSend Ed will enable college and university administrators to deliver reminders, alerts and promotions to applying, matriculating and on-campus attending students.

University administrators understand that SMS/text messaging is very popular among high school and college students. As a result, they agree that mobile marketing and messaging will be among the most effective means to reach out and communicate with this tech-savvy audience.

Using the MOVO platform, administrators will be enabled to create promotional campaigns, contests, surveys and reminders and deliver them directly to the mobile phones of their students.

TranSend Ed will lead the sales and marketing efforts of the partnership, while MOVO will provide software development, hosting and technical support services.

Dan Miller, CEO of MOVO and Founding Partnering of Startup Florida Ventures stated, “We are very excited to be partnering with TranSend Ed in the college & university markets. They bring years & years of experience and market contacts to the relationship. By connecting with them, one plus one really equals three. In addition, because both companies are located here in Sarasota, our partnership will be efficient to manage and should also add positively to the local economy.

Paul Gilroy, CEO of TranSend Ed said “As communication becomes more of a challenge with the college age individual, we believe MOVO’s mobile technology can provide the mechanism to bridge the gap and increase effective communication. We are very pleased to be partnering with MOVO Mobile on this initiative in the higher education market.  We look forward to working with MOVO developing applications that can increase value for colleges and universities.”

About TranSend Ed

TranSend Ed’s mission is to help colleges and universities use mobile technology in new and innovative ways to facilitate greater communication on their campuses and to assist them in achieving their strategic objectives. TranSend Ed’s team has over 125 years of experience in Higher Education primarily focused in Admissions and Financial Aid solutions. TranSend Ed provides solutions to enhance communication with prospective students and to conduct business transactions on campus using a mobile environment. By using mobile technology colleges and universities will increase communication effectiveness and reduce marketing and administrative expenses. TranSend Ed will help colleges and universities increase revenue through measurable and actionable communication tracks to prospects increasing value and enrollment on campus.

About MOVO Mobile

Movo Mobile, LLC (“Movo”) is a mobile software application company that provides an innovative framework for launching interactive applications to the 1.3B mobile phone users worldwide. MOVO provides on-demand mobile marketing solutions to businesses that want to extend their advertising and marketing to consumers via their mobile devices.

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