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NEW high-density shelving product that makes power more appealing

Sanford, FL – March 2006 – “Power made easy”, the new product’s tag line, illustrates the automation and simplicity of the Eclipse Powered System. With easily modifiable features, the benefits of such a system are innumerable. The system offers better reliability at a cost comparable to a Mechanical Assist system along with the flexibility of satisfying a specific entity’s needs.

Sanford based United Business Systems, the exclusive Florida Spacesaver representative, is offering this newly launched high-density mobile storage system. Eclipse is a new standard in powered high-density mobile storage, which results in a safer, more affordable and user-friendly system for the end user in a diverse range of industries.

The safety and security of the Eclipse Powered systems is of paramount importance.  The system can be modified to meet a wide range of safety and security through various options. The redesigned Zero Force Sensor(R) system is a safety feature, exclusive to Spacesaver, which consists of a series of infrared photoelectric beams that detects when a person is present in an open aisle. Another safety feature, the Photo Sweep(R) system, sets in and will stop when a moving carriage comes in contact with a person or object.

“When building this new product, we set out to break the mold of existing powered systems,” says Christopher Batterman, Spacesaver Product Manager for High-Density Mobile Products.. “To do so, we conducted extensive market research that included customers in every applicable industry, as well as our distributors. The research, in turn, provided the foundation for the design of the Eclipse Powered System. The end result is a system that offers what today’s decision-makers truly need in powered high-density mobile storage.”

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