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Realtor Becomes Rap Singer and Brings Greater Success to Real Estate Sales

Phyllis Huguenin, who sells real estate to celebrities, has become a celebrity of sorts herself as she takes real estate marketing to places it has not been before. Thinking outside the box for Huguenin means becoming a rapper and writing an inspirational book.

Miami Beach -- The urban rap music phenomenon has now hit real estate in a big way, with the Realtor (tm) who has become a rap artist -- and a pretty darn good one at that.

Phyllis D. Huguenin has written and recorded the first rap single designed to help sell real estate property. Utilizing a sound engineer and rap producer, the project took several months and in the end the tracks had to be relaid but the product is authentic and so catchy as one industry insider put it "you can definitely groove to it."

Hugunien raps along with a professional singer who does background. She chose to spotlight two of her favorite projects on Miami Beach "The Setai" and "Aqua" on Allison Island.

"It was a labor of love. I listen to rap everyday, and brushed shoulders with some of the stars while selling properties so this was the next logical progression for someone like myself who always tries to think outside the box," explained Huguenin.

Created as a demo single, it will be featured on Huguenin's South Florida Real Estate Blog and the social networking site where she has amassed a sizeable "friends list" in a very short time.

Huguenin has a reputation for using unique marketing methods. In 2004 she carried a welcome sign when Shaquille O'Neal came to town as a new member of the Miami Heat. That landed her on local and national television, as well as newspaper stories.

Those news stories resulted in the sale of a condominium to New Orleans Saints corner back Michael McKenzie who, along with fellow Louisiana residents, endured the upheaval of hurricane Katrina and loss of his residence. He purchased a new home through Huguenin because of the Shaq sign she carried in the news story.

Her web sit at offers real estate agents from all parts of the country an opportunity to participate in a book project that will be a collection of inspiring and motivational success stories.

"These stories will revolve around the practice of real estate, the people we meet, the problems we solve and the day to day triumphs and heartaches of helping people trying to buy that property they've fallen in love with or selling a home they've outgrown," she explained.

Real estate agents are asked to submit inspirational, heartwarming, true stories focusing on faith, love and perseverance with real estate through the web site.

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