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Portable Surveillance Systems

You heard it before and you'll hear it again! Information is power, and without the proper information you have nothing!

Being in the business of tracking down missing people, we have come to realize that in most missing persons cases there is one common denominator ... and that's 'Missing Information' ... or in a worst case scenario, small bits of information or details that are considered to be irrelevant.

Case in point, a 23 year old single woman from New Jersey disappears on one cold winter day, never shows up at work, no one has a clue where she could have gone. Her car still parked, small personal possessions from her apartment gone ... but nothing else was missing. Her friends knew nothing nor suspected or sensed anything out of the ordinary before she was reported missing. In short, no one had a clue as to where she could have gone. This missing person’s case hits a dead end!

See Carl Voigt

Carl Voigt a professional bounty hunter takes on the case on behalf of a close family friend. Carl discovers that the woman hated winter and the cold weather so much that she would drive down to Florida each Christmas / new years holiday to escape the cold New Jersey weather as was the case this last holiday season, and as usual she had her time in the sun and then returned to Jersey and her job. Working on a hunch, Carl went down to Florida and started handing out the woman’s photo along with trying to develop some leads as to where she may be .. if at all in Florida.

A couple of dozen motels latter, Carl hit pay dirt, the motel owner said that she checked in on December 27, and booked a room until January 4th ... but on January 29th she checked-out suddenly but he said she was all smiles and seemed very happy! Did she meet someone, maybe a new boy friend?

To make the story short, Carl located the missing woman, she was now living with a guy she had met on her previous trip to Florida, after having contacted him, he offered that she move in with him and enjoy the warm sunshine all year long ... she could not resist his offer to change from snow and sleet to sun and sand!

Knowing the small details, likes and dislikes of a person can be the difference between Locating a person and Not!

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