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Coral Gables

The State of Florida is a state in the southeastern United States. Florida is situated mostly on a large peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Straits of Florida. It extends to the northwest into a panhandle, extending along the northern Gulf of Mexico. Florida's nickname is the Sunshine State but severe weather is a common occurrence in the state. It is bordered on the north by the states of Georgia and Alabama, and on the west, at the end of the panhandle, by Alabama.
Coral Gables is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, southwest of Miami, in the United States. The city is best known as the home of the University of Miami. The population was 42,249 at the 2000 census. According to U.S Census estimates in 2005, the city had a population of 42,871. The city has a total area of 96.2 square kilometers.
Coral Gables was one of the first planned communities, and prefigured the development of the gated community and the homeowners association. It was at one point notorious for its aesthetic regulations, but they pale compared to those currently practiced by homeowners associations. The city was developed by George Merrick in the 1920s. The city's architecture is almost entirely Mediterranean.
Coral Gables is best known as home to the University of Miami, a globally-recognized university that is ranked academically among the top tier of U.S.-based colleges and universities. Some of its academic programs, including those in business, marine biology, medicine and music, are considered among the best in the world.
Coral Gables schools are part of the Miami-Dade School District, which serves almost all of metropolitan Miami. The district has one high school in Coral Gables, Coral Gables High School, which educates students in grades nine through 12.
Coral Gables also is the former home to the National Hurricane Center, responsible for tracking tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes. The city also has a sizable business district. Coral Gables is an extremely affluent city. Its residents include upper class businesspeople and professionals. The city is well known for its restaurants, art galleries, unique shops and boutiques and live theater performances.

A city known for its historic myths and traditions, scenic beauty, cooperative people and luxurious hotels and cottages, Coral Gables is one of the favorite holiday destinations for most of the vacation lovers.

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